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WEBGANG specializes in developing software solutions and creating strategies for successful software implementations for you and your business.


Prototyping And UX

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Frontend development and JS Coding

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Mobile and Web Development

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Backend development and Automated testing

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Experience and expertise

  • Extensive experience working with a wide range of digital technologies and platforms, including software development, cloud computing, and data analysis.
  • Team composed of experts in various fields related to digitalization, including software development, data science, project management, and user experience design.
  • Proven track record of successfully delivering complex digital transformation projects for a variety of clients across different industries
  • Knowledge of the latest trends and best practices in digitalization, staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and methodologies

Executives say digitization is having a high impact, leading to new business models


executives believe that digitization has had a high impact on their industry


an average increase in revenue by companies who embraced digitalization


an average increase in profitability


Digital Retail Platform

Our Digital Retail Platform (DRP) is developed by our professional and competent programmers and designers. We created it to simplify the whole management of the online e-shop, an overview of orders, and marketing channels. It was also very important for us to make the whole environment pleasant to look at and work in. Last but not least, we paid a lot of attention to security so your data is in a safe place.


Digital Product Catalogue


Marketing Channels


Order Journey


Secured Environment

Security first!

As software solutions continue to saturate every area of modern society, it is critical that the software be impervious to misuse. Successfully protecting against misuse requires attention to security at all stages of software development.

Digital retail platform
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